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full ceramic delta 10 disposable vape


2/3ml Ceramic Coil CBD THC Delta 8/9/10 Vape Pen Disposable Box


BD32 is a new innovation of disposable vape for CBD,THC,HHC,THCO,THC-A,Live Resign,Delta 8/9/10/11 and other thick cannabis oil.We use high quality food grade level material to make it more healthy ,clear transparent big size window ,makes every drop of oil crystal.

Preheat function let the oil give best flavor even in the cold whether.

  • Dimension: 67.1mm* 35mm
  • Tank Volume: 2/3ML
  • Coil: Ceramic
  • Intake Hole: 1.8mm*4/1.5mm*2 (Available for Customization)
  • Battery Capacity: 350mAh
  • Central Post: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Resistance : 1.2Ω
  • Charging Port: Type-C
  • Suit for: CBD,THC,HHC,THCO,THC-A,Live Resign,Delta 8/9/10,Liquid Diamond
  • Packaging: 100pcs per tray
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    CD32 hhc vape cartridge

    What we provide is the fourth generation atomization core, which is the core component of atomization equipment with innovative technology.

    The design and manufacturing of this atomizer core have been carefully researched and improved to ensure that its performance and efficiency can reach the leading level in the industry.

    Its use can not only provide a stable and long-lasting atomization effect, but also ensure the user's user experience.

    Overall, our fourth-generation atomizer core is a high-quality, high-performance product worthy of your trust and choice.

    Outstanding Features

    1.Clear transparent window let the inside oil visible and more healthy.

    2.Pre-heat button prevent clogging even in the cold whether

    3.Inhale- activated design let the vaping so easily .

    4.Bottom oil filling let the filling job more easily .

    5.Type-C charging ,rechargeable design let your cbd device is full of power anytime anywhere.

    CD32 hemp vape cartridge
    BD32 delta 10 disposable

    E-cigarette charging ports equipped with the type C connector offer users an unmatched level of convenience and safety. With their reversible design, universal compatibility, fast charging capabilities, and built-in protection mechanisms, these charging ports have become an indispensable part of the vaping industry. Whether you are a long-time e-cigarette user or a beginner, it is crucial to appreciate and prioritize the use of well-designed and reliable charging ports for a hassle-free and secure vaping experience. Always opt for trusted brands and ensure that your e-cigarette charging port aligns with the type C standard to enjoy maximum convenience and peace of mind while embracing the world of vaping.

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