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full ceramic delta 10 disposable vape


3/4/5ML Disposable CBD Vape Box with screen


3/4/5ml CBD/THC/Delta 8/ D9/D10/ HHC/HEMP /Live Resin / Live Rosin /Liquid Diamond Disposable Vape Box with Screen . Battery Indicator & Voltage Adjustable

  • Dimension: 75mm* 40mm
  • Tank Volume: 3/4/5ml
  • Coil: Ceramic
  • Intake Hole: 1.8mm*4/1.5mm*2 (Available for Customization)
  • Battery Capacity: 350mAh
  • Central Post: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Resistance : 1.2Ω
  • Suit for : CBD,THC,HHC,THCO,THC-A,Live Resign,Delta 8/9/10,Liquid Diamond
  • Feature: Pre-heating ,Voltage Adjustable,Airflow Adjustable;Smart battery indicator
  • Charging Port: Type-C
  • Packaging: 100pcs per tray
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    CD55 thc vape cart


    Dimension(mm): 40.7(W)x 16.6(H) x 77(L)

    Tank Volume: 3 /4 /5ml Battery

    Capacity: 310mah

    Voltage Setting: 2.8V/3.2V /3.5V or customized Airflow adjustable


    • Press 5 times to power on / off

    • Press 2 times to auto preheat for 8 seconds Press 3 times to adjust the voltages (If has )

    • Press down button to vape

    Customization avaliable: Colors Silk print or UV print Oil intake hole size Resistance Single voltage or adjustable voltages Packaging

    ● Ceramic Coil
    1ml/2ml/3ml CBD Disposable Vape Device uses a ceramic coil to provide a smooth hit, while the advanced air flow technology helps to keep your hits tasting and feeling as good as they can. The ceramic heater also ensures an even burn across the whole surface of the chamber, meaning no hotspots and no burnt taste.

    ● Micro USB Charge Port
    1ml /2ml/3ml CBD Disposable Vape Device is a portable and easy to use vape device. The vape features a micro USB charge port making it convenient for on-the-go charging. The 0.5ml CBD Disposable Vape Device is a completely disposable vape system.

    ● Heavy Metal Free
    1ml/2ml/3ml CBD Disposable Vape Device is a high quality and economical vaporizer that is made from heavy-metal free materials.

    ● Snap Cap Design
    1ml/2ml/3ml CBD Disposable Vape Device is a disposable vape thanks to the snap cap design that allows you to pick and use wherever you are. This disposable vape device is perfect for more discreet vaping with no mess or clean up CBD Disposable Vape Device is designed for your easy use.

    ● Digital Screen
    5ml Disposable Vape Box is designed with digital screen to indicate the rest capacity of battery .

    ● Voltage Adjustable 

    Customize voltages for 5ml cbd disposable vape pen ,find the most suitable voltage for your vaping .

    CD55 canabis vape pen
    CD55 airflow adjustable delta 8 disposable


    Choosing the right OEM ODM vape partner is a critical decision for any vape brand. By considering your needs, assessing potential partners' capabilities, and ensuring compliance and effective communication, you can find a partner that will help your brand succeed.

    We are over 6 years experienced professional disposable vape manufacture in the CBD,THC field, we specialize in the OEM and ODM of disposable vape. We understand the complexities of the vape industry and are committed to helping brands create high-quality, innovative products. Let's explore how we can bring your vape vision to life. 

    Focus on OEM/ODM disposables & cartridges for cbd / thc / d8 / d9 / Destillate/ Live Resin /Live Roson / hhc/ hemp, all kinds of thick oil 

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