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full ceramic delta 10 disposable vape


5/6ml Ceramic Coil Cbd Thc Delta 8/9/10/11 Disposable Vape With Screen

Model: BD50

Introducing the revolutionary 6ml disposable electronic cigarette for CBD/THC/HHC/Delta 8/9/10/11.Fully transparent and ultra-clear window , delivering an interesting and captivating experience. Designed with digital screen to display the actual battery life ,remind users charging it timely .This design let the vaping experience more friendly and convenient.

  • Dimension: 90 x 30mm
  • Tank Volume: 5/6ML
  • Coil: Ceramic Coil
  • Intake Hole: 1.8mm*4/1.5mm*2 (Available for Customization)
  • Battery Capacity: 350mAh
  • Central Post: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Resistance : 1.2Ω
  • Feature: Pre-heat ,Voltage Adjustable,Airflow Adjustable,Battery Indicator
  • Charging Port: Type-C
  • Suit for : CBD,THC,HHC,THCO,THC-A,Live Resign,Delta 8/9/10,Liquid Diamond
  • Packaging: 100pcs per tray
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    6GRAM thc disposable

    Unique Design, User-Friendly

    BD50 customizable space is achieved through its visible oil window and surface treatments. The minimalist device has an ergonomic mouthpiece, lightweight design, and excellent hand feel for a superior user experience.Especially the smart screen design let the vaping experience more user friendly.

    Upgrade your vaping experience with the reliable and stylish BD50. The iconic design and impressive performance make it a top choice. Full functions :

    1. Preheating with button
    2. Voltage Adjustable
    3. Airflow Adjustable
    4. Smart Battery Display

    No leaking ,no burning ,no clogging ,and works smart !

    BD50 delta 9 disposable
    BD50 hhc disposable

    Customize Solutions for your different needs

    BD50 offer versatile button functions for different usage scenarios. Its ceramic core and large oil chamber provide a powerful and long-lasting flavor experience, catering to both casual and avid users’ needs.

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